Our Equipment

All of our Desktops in Battle Arena are equipped with the highest level specifications available in the current gaming market to give all our members the best ultimate lag-free, highest resolution game play in the market. To top things off, our 10 arena tournament computers come with the world’s first 165hz refresh rate, screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 and IPS wide angel view monitors to give our competitors the ultimate viewing experience.

Unique Futuristic Design

Battle Arena is designed with the future of E-sports in mind. Sleek metallic frames spread through from top to the bottom, cool dark colors with special gaming lightings, wide projector screens to broadcast games, large center stage pod-like Competitive Arena with a large seating area and lots of stand around space which can hold up to 500 people! On top of these, we have space pods like private gaming rooms and well planned out areas bring out the uniqueness of our design.

Private Rooms

Designed to be luxurious by nature, most of Battle Arena’s computers are set in private rooms. Larger rooms are even equipped with lush sofas and 65’ TV for an even more opulent gaming experience. Two of our specially allocated ultra-VIP rooms even come with large touch screen TV for in-depth game analysis and discussion for competing teams competing at our Arena. Alternatively, this two room can also be used as a coaching room for any Live Coaching sessions.

Broadcaster Room

At Battle Arena, we take pride in ensuring our level of game play for hosting of tournaments and developing of talents is top notch. With dedicated Broadcasting Platforms and equipment, we ensure that we are able to host world class E-sporting events and set ourselves up for the training of the next E-sporting broadcasting talents.

Streamers Pod

Battle Arena comes with 10 exclusive single user pods for the ultimate Streamer experience. All of these pods are equipped with high specifications computers, gaming peripherals and streaming equipment. Streaming being one of our major focuses when it comes to talent-grooming, these pods enable our talents to showcase their potential, and not being held back by lousy computers or low budget streaming equipment.

Competitions and Hosting

Small regular in-house gaming competitions allow beginner gamers or regular gamers who used to have no opportunities to compete to have a chance to experience how gaming competitions are and it allows for gaming peers to “spar” in a friendly environment.

After gaining experiences and confidence from small scale competitions, gamers can contest in larger scale competitions such as our grand competitions or even national and international competitions that we organize.

Our purpose of organizing such events is to allow gamers to hone and pit their skills against one another in a supportive and encouraging environment so that they can improve their game play, gain confidence and gather experience. It is also for us to discover and nurture gaming talents and prepare them for the international gaming stage.

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