Known for their unique personas or gaming expertise, streamers develop followers and fan base from the thousands to the millions. This segment of the E-sports career is something Battle Arena has intention to focus on and develop our very own in-house streamers by creating a platform for those who have an interest in this area of E-sports to build a career in steaming.

Professional Gamers

Highest earning Malaysian E-sports players till date is from popular game DOTA 2, with earnings topping half a million US dollars. Talents are abundant in Malaysia, and it will be up to us to groom and retain these talents to play for Malaysia. Battle Arena’s comprehensive style and core values will ensure gamers with the potential be given the opportunity to enter the big international gaming scene.


An area of expertise that is much sought after in the gaming industry. Good gaming broadcasters will bring about the entire tempo and gameplay of any given match-ups. In depth knowledge of game play and analysis of tactics are needed for a good gaming broadcast. At Battle Arena, we will be grooming and giving opportunities for those that seek future development in this aspect of the E-sports industry.

E-sport Host

Relatively like the broadcasters’ role in the E-sports scene, what defines an E-sports host will be the ability to be enchanting and engaging to the crowd at any E-sporting event. This area of hosting not only enables one to be able to host exclusive E-sports events, but also for any other events that are non E-sports related with the skill set that Battle Arena has set out to train right from the start.