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PUBG SEA Championship

The 🇲🇾 Battle Arena Elites & 🇲🇾 Geek Fam PUBG will be playing in the PUBG SEA Championship LIVE in the stage pods at Battle Arena this coming weekend! PUBG fans, please come down to Battle Arena this weekend to cheer for our Malaysian home teams - there'll be giveaways,...


You read correctly! Battle Arena is now hiring! We're looking for talented and capable individuals with a gripping passion for Esports, gaming and events to join us as a full-timer, part-timer or even interns. Don't worry if you're not well versed in Esports! We here at Battle Arena...

ASUS VG258 144hz Monitors

As our members only deserve the best, to further elevate your gaming experience at Battle Arena, our monitors have now been upgraded to the No. 1 Gaming Monitor, the ASUS VG258 144hz Monitors! To find out more about about the new monitor Follow us on Instagram: Facebook:

Esports Family Bootcamp

Register now! - Fee: RM35/ parent and child pair inclusive of tea break Terms and Conditions 1. RM35 is inclusive of tea break for parent/guardian and child, and drinks and popcorn for the kids. RM35 only allows entry for ONE parent and ONE child. Any additional attendee tagging...